Lawn Care 101: Sod Information

St. Augustine

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Floratam- The most common St. Augustine variety in the state of florida. Will grow in full sun or partially shaded areas.
Shade variety- There are many different types of St. Augustine sod that will grow in shaded areas such as: Palmetto, Bitter Blue, Seville, Classic, and Sappire just to name a few.

Argentine Bahia

Spectrum Lawn & Landscape Argentine Bahia
Argentine Bahia is the lowest maintenance sod variety available. It has a high drought and insect tolerance, and has a very quick recovery rate.

Empire Zoysia

Spectrum Lawn and Landscape Empire Zoysia
Empire Zoysia will form a very thick lush turf that is dark green in color, and because of its texture can resist weed invasion. Empire Zoysia also has a very good cold tolerance and can resist drought once established.